2 Leopard Kingdom of France (843-1791) Gold Henry VI (1421-1471)

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Obverse: Shields of France and England, with the Virgin Mary and the angel Gabriel above, with HENRICVS DEI GRA FRANCORV Z AGILE REX around.
Reverse: Latin cross flanked by a fleur-de-lis and a leopard, with an h below, all in a tressure of ten arches, with XPC VIHCIT XPC REGHAT XPC IMPERAT around.

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France - Anglo-Gallic. 1 Salut d' Or, ND. Fr-301; Elias-270c. Henry VI, 1422-1453. Rouen mint. Mint mark, leopard. Two shields side by side, bearing the arms of France on the left and England on ...

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Henry VI (1422-53), Salut d'or, 3.49g, Rouen, m.m. leopard, shield of France, left, and England, right, Virgin Mary behind, left, angel Gabriel, right, between them a banner surmounted by sun ray ...

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France. 1 Salut d'or, ND. Fr-301. Henri VI, 1322-1453. St. Lo mint. Madonna and archangel Gabriel behind arms of France and England. Reverse: Latin cross between fleur de lis and leopard in poly ...
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