20 Krone Turks and Caicos Islands Silver

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20 Krone
Turks and Caicos Islands             
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Posted by: gcoins 2010-08-24
Теркс и Кайкос 20 крон (1993 г.) Серебро 40-летие коронации Королевы Елизаветы II (2 июня 1953 года), 999-я проба, 31,17 г.

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Denmark - Holstein. Krone, 1694-CW. Dav-3680. Christian V, 1670-1699. Crowned C5 cyphers in palm sprays. Reverse: Crowned Danish arms in oval frame. Very Fine. Estimated Value $175 - 225. Catego ...

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Denmark. Krone, 1655. Dav-3574; KM-194.2b. Frederik III. Crowned F3 monogram. Toned. ANACS graded VF-35. Estimated Value $500 - 600 Categories: World Crowns and Minors

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Norway. Krone, 1723-HCM. Dav-1290; Ahl-3; KM-220. Kongsberg mint. Frederick IV, 1699-1730. King on horseback. Reverse: Crowned arms. NGC graded VF-20. Estimated Value $400 - 500. Categories: Wor ...
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