20 Kreuzer Electorate of Bavaria (1623 - 1806) Silver

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KM# 604 20 KREUZER
Silver, 28.5 mm. Ruler: Karl Theodor Obv: Draped bust to right
Obv. Legend: CAR. TH. D. G. C. P. R. V. B. D. S. R. I. A. D. &.
I. P. R. S. &. I. F. PRO. &. VIC. Rev: Imperial eagle, crowned
squarish shield of 9-fold arms on breast, with central shield of 4-
fold arms of Bavaria and Pfalz, and small central shield of imperial
orb, several chains of orders around sides and bottom, value (20)
in cartouche, divides da Rev. Legend: I. C. &. M. D. L. L. P. M.
M. M. A. Z. C. V. S. M. &. R. D. I. N. R. Mint: Munich Note: Vicariat
issue. Ref. H#365; JB-2397. Prev. KM#283.

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Posted by: spider  2014-05-16
Bavaria. Karl Theodor 20 Kreuzer 1792, KM#604, MS64 NGC, softly struck on the bust but with full mint brilliance and appealing silvery-gray toning. Scarce type, especially in mint state. Krause catalog price(s) for this item: $240 in VF, $475 in EF.

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Info: http://www.ebay.com/itm/371397424115 2015-08-03
CoinWorldTV 1618, Austrian States, Trautson, Paul Sixtuis I. Silver 3 Kreuzer Coin. XF! Mint Year: 1618 Mint Place: Falkenstein Denomination: 3 Kreuzer (Groschen) Ruler: Paul Sixtus, Count of Tr ...

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Info: http://www.ebay.com/itm/151663292138 2015-05-04
Details about 1734, Emperor Charles VI. Silver 3 Kreuzer (Groschen) Coin. Vienna mint!

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Info: http://www.noble.com.au/auctions/lot/?id=240557 Estimate $150 S ...
AUSTRIA, Leopold I - Leopold II, three kreuzer, 1697 MMW (KM.1230); five kreuzer, 1790A (KM.2061); six kreuzer, 1707 CB (KM.187), 1747 (KM.724); quarter thaler, 1740 ...
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