1 Tram Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia (1080-1375) Silver Leo I, King ...

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Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia (1080-1375)             
Issue year(s):

Cilician Armenia, Levon I (1198-1219), Royal Period, AR Tram

(Armenian legend)

King seated facing on leonine throne, globus cruciger in right hand, lily in left, all in beaded inner circle

(Armenian legend)

Long cross flanked by rampant lions with reverted heads, all in beaded inner circle 22mm x 23mm, 2.95g
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Armenien, Levon I. Tram. Schöne Patina. Vorzüglich

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Armenien Tram. Vorzüglich

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ARMENIA, Levon I (1199-1226). silver double tram (Nercessian 270, Bedoukian 30). Lightly toned nearly exteremely fine.
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