1 Thaler States of Germany Silver

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1 Thaler    (aboutThaler)
Issue year(s):

Mint year: 1763
Die-Cutter: Carl Friedrich Loos (Loos)
Reference: Davenport 2488, KM-339. R!
Denomination: Thaler - "Peace of Hubertusburg"
1st Mint Official: Johann Leonhard Oexelein (I.L.OE.)
2nd Mint Official (warden): Sigmund Scholz & Forster (S.F.)
Mint Place: Nuremberg (as free City of the Holy Roman Empire).
Weight: 27.95gm
Diameter: 41mm
Material: Silver

Obverse: Tyche holding olive branch in left hand and sacrificing (emptying patera into burining fire altar).
Commnet: Shield of Nuremberg leaned on fire altar. Engraver´s initials (“I.L.OE.”) in lower right angle.
Exergue: X . EINE FEINE MARK / 1763 / S.F.

Reverse: Crown above double-headed imperial eagle, holding sword and staff. Large crowned shield within order chain.
Legend: FRANCISCVS . D . G . ROM . IMP . SEMP . AVG .

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1763, Nurnberg, Francis Stephen. Silver "Peace of Hubertusburg" Thaler Coin. XF!

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SWITZERLAND, Basel, shooting thaler, five francs, 1879 (KM.514). Uncirculated.

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Info: http://www.ebay.com/itm/291524184980 2015-08-02
GERMANY-PRUSSIA 1871A 1 Thaler Victory of France Silver XF
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