1 Thaler Principality of Ansbach (1398–1792) Silver Charles Alexa ...

Silver Ruler: Alexander Obv: Smaller bust right with Order cross
below Obv. Legend: ALEXANDER. D. G. MARCH: BRAND: D.
B. &. S. Rev: Three shields of arms within crowned cartouche
with lion supporters Rev. Legend: ZEHEN EINE FEINE MARK;
K-K below Note: Varieties exist with lions looking to outer edges.
Dav. #1995.

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Posted by: spider  2014-05-18
Brandenburg-Ansbach. Alexander Taler 1765 G-SKK, KM#269, Dav-1995, VF-XF. Nice light gray toning with some remaining luster.

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AUSTRIA, Leopold I - Leopold II, three kreuzer, 1697 MMW (KM.1230); five kreuzer, 1790A (KM.2061); six kreuzer, 1707 CB (KM.187), 1747 (KM.724); quarter thaler, 1740 ...

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GERMANY, Wurttemburg, Wilhelm I, thaler, 1862 (KM.601); Nassau, six kreuzer, 1833 (KM.53). Extremely fine; uncirculated. (2)

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GERMANY, Saxony, Albertine line, Johann Georg IV, (1691-1694), silver two thirds thaler or 60 kreuzer, 1693, obv. bust to right, rev. crowned arms, (KM.641, Merseb ...
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