1 Thaler Bremen (state) Silver

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Posted by: gcoins  2010-08-24
Бремен 1 талер (1864 г.) Серебро Медаль. размер 1 талера. Открытие Торговой биржи Бремена. Номер по Краузе КМ#M1, 986-я проба, 17.5390 г.

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AUSTRIA, Ferdinand I, silver thaler, 1838M (Milan, Lombardy Mint), (KM.2240). A few minor surface marks, otherwise good very fine and rare.

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AUSTRIA, Ferdinand II, thaler (undated circa 1630) (KM.629.2). File adjustment marks both sides, otherwise extremely fine.

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WORLD COINS, GERMANY, Frankfurt, Thaler, 1860; Hamburg, 3-Marks (2), 1911-J, 1913-J; Saxony, Thaler (2), 1869-B, 1871-B, 3-Marks, 1913-E, Centennial of the Battle of Leipzig (KM 360, 620, 1223, 1 ...
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