1 Tank Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia (1080-1375) Bronze Leo I, King ...

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Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia (1080-1375)             
Issue year(s):

Cilician Armenia, Levon I (1198-1219), Royal Period, AE Tank

(Armenian legend)

Crowned, bearded leonine head of king facing, turned right in inner circle

(Armenian legend)

Patriarchal cross flanked by two stars, all in inner circle

28mm, 8.61g
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Caracalla. Silver Denarius (3.26 g), AD 198-217. Rome, AD 212. ANTONINVS PIVS AVG BRIT, laureate head of Caracalla right. Reverse : PM TR P XV COS III P P, armored elephant walking right. RIC 19 ...

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Armenien, Levon I. Tram. Schöne Patina. Vorzüglich

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Armenien Tram. Vorzüglich
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