1 Tangka Ancient India Gold

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Ancient India             
Issue year(s):
1270 - 1311

Catalog reference:

State: Yadava Dynasty
Mint period: 1270-1311
Ruler: King Rmachandra
Denomination: Gold Padmatanka (translates as Lotus Flower)
Reference: Friedberg 390, M Karnataka-Andhra 289, Mitchiner 1998:289. R!
Material: Pure Gold!
Diameter: 17mm
Weight: 3.79gm

Obverse: Central lotus flower punch (after which the coin is called), four punches around, conch-shell above, legend Sri Ram below.

Reverse: Blanc (as struck)

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Details about 1311, India, Yadava Dynasty, Ramachandra. Gold Padmatanka Coin. 3.76gm!

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TIBET 1912-1925(ca) 1 Gaden Tangka Silver XF

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TIBET 1912-22(CA) 1 Gaden Tangka Silver VF-XF

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TIBET 1912-22 Tangka Silver XF
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