1 Stater Kushan Empire (60-375) Gold

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1 Stater    (aboutStater)
Kushan Empire (60-375)             
Issue year(s):
275 - 300

Region: India
Mint Place: Taxila
Mint Period: 275-300 AD
Denomination: Gold Stater
References: MAC.3393, Friedberg 32. R!
Material: Gold!
Weight: 7.69gm
Diamter: 21mm

Obverse: King standing left, holding a trident right, making an offering at a small altar left, garlanded trident above altar. Tamgha to right.
Legend: SHAONANOSHAO BAZODEO KOSHANO (“King of Kings, Vasudeva, the Kushana”)
Comment: Trident above altar, cursive Greek script around!

Reverse: Oesho standing facing before bull Nandi, both outlined in small beads, he holds a trident right and noose left, tamgha in upper left field.
Vertical Legend: OhPO.

Vasudeva II was a Kushan emperor who ruled c. 275-300 AD. He was probably the successor of Kanishka III and may have been succeeded by a king named Shaka Kushan.

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Kushan Empire, Vasu Deva II (275-300AD) Gold Stater Coin. R!
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