1 Solidus Byzantine Empire (330-1453) Gold Justinian I (482-565)

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Denomination: Solidus
Mint Period: 542-565 AD
Mint Place: Constantinople
Culture: Eastern Roman Empire
References: Friedberg 73, Sear 140, Doc 9j. R!
Diameter: 20mm
Material: Gold!
Weight: 4.45gm

Obverse: Helmeted, armoured bust facing, holding globe cruciger and shield decorated with horseman motif.

Reverse: Angel standing facing, holding staff with Christogram and globus cruciger. Star in right field.
Exergue: CONOB

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Posted by: serega  2013-10-29
Byzantine Empire, Justinian I (527-565AD) Ancient Gold Solidus Coin. R!

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Isaac II. EL-Aspron Trachy, Konstantinopel. Sear 2002. Prachtexemplar. Vorzüglich - Stempelglanz

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Aspron Trachy, 4,05 g. Sear 1961. Kl. Kratzer, Doppelschlag, sehr schön - vorzüglich

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Aspron Trachy 1160-1164. 4,17 g. Christus von vorn / Kaiser und St. Theodoros. Sear 1959. Sehr schön
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