1 Pfennig Bohemia Silver

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Bohemia, Ladislaus Jagiellon (Vladislav II) as King of Bohemia and Hungary (1471-1516), Whitepfennig, Kuttenberg Mint : WLADIS...B Bohemian rampant lion left in beaded circle (No legend) Crowned W Plain edge 14mm, 0.39g, Silver Labz XIII, 741
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GERMANY-FRANKFURT 1820 1 Heller "Duden Pfennig" Fine

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GERMANY-AUGSBURG 1750 1 Heller -1759 2 Pfennig - 2 Coins

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Bamberg, Bistum, Johann Georg Fuchs von Dornheim Pfennig 1629. Krug 227, Heller 110. Winziger Randfehler, sehr schön - vorzüglich
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5 Kopeck Russian Empire (1720-1917) Copper
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CoinWorldTV 1832, France, Hyacinteus Ludwig of Quelen (Archbishop of Paris). Cholera Epidemic M ...
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