1 Litra Ancient Greece (1100BC-330) Silver

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Calabria-Tarentum, AR Diobol, c.280-228 BC

(No legend) Head of Athena left, wearing Corinthian style helmet TARANT Herakles leaning left, head right, strangling Nemean lion, club in left field FI monogram below 10mm x 11mm, 0.99g
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SICILY. Syracuse. Timoleon and the Third Democracy. Ae 2 Litrae (344-335 BC). Obv: Z??? ??????????. Laureate head of Zeus left. Rev: ??????????. Horse galloping left. SNG ANS 533-541. Condition: ...

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Sicily, Syracuse. Hieron II, 275-215 BC. Gold Drachm (4.24 g). Head left of Persephone wreathed with corn; behind, bukranion. Reverse: Galloping biga driven left by female charioteer holding goa ...

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Syracuse AE Litra, c. 400 BC Syracuse, Sicily. AE Litra (20 mm, 8.26 g), c. 400 BC. Obv. Helmeted head of Athena left, ΣYPA to left, two dolphins in fields. Rev. Hippocamp to left. SNG ANS 447; C ...
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