1 Hemidrachm Boeotia Silver

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Thebes-Boeotia, AR Stater, c. 368-364 BC, Kabi as Magistrate

(No legend) Boeotian shield [K]A | BI Amphora with handles, upper part fluted 20mm x 22mm, 12.15g
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Karien-Rhodos Hemidrachme. Jenkins 148. Schöne Patina. Vorzüglich

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WORLD COINS, ISLAMIC COINS Arab Tabaristan, Silver Hemi-Drachms (7), Hani (2), Muqatil (2), Suleiman (2) and ‘Umar, Tipurstan, assorted dates; and Ispahbad, Hemi-Drachms (2), Khurshid and Farhan. ...

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ARAB-SASSANIAN ISSUES, silver hemidrachm of the Ispahbads of Tabaristan, (1.89 g), prototype coinage of these Ispahbads, Abbasid governor Hani (788-792) an independent ruler, (PYE 138, ...
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    50 Franc Belgian Congo (1908 - 1960) Silver
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BELGIAN CONGO 1944 50 Francs Elephant XF
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1 Bu Tokugawa shogunate (1600-1868) Silver
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