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Friedrich Karl. Bust right. Reverse: Flag in ornamental cartouche.
One of the most beautiful and impressive palaces in all of Germany is the Residenz in Wurzburg. Much of its construction was done during the rule of Bishop Friedrich Karl. It is of a baroque style, with some of the greatest architects in Europe participating in its design. The great Venetian painter, Giovanni Tiepolo, along with his son, Domenico, produced some amazing frescoes which adorn the palace.

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Hanau-GesamthausGulden (60 Kreuzer) 1675, Suchier 496, Davenport 547. Vorzüglich

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Regensburg-Stadt Pfennig zu 1/84 Gulden. Beckenbauer 3403. Vorzüglich

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GERMANY. Hessen-Kassel. Friedrich Wilhelm I (1847-1866). 3 1/2 Gulden / 2 Taler (1855). Obv: FRIEDRI WILHELM I KRFÜRST V. HESSEN. Bare head right. Rev: 2 THALER VII EINE F. MARK 3 1/2 GULDEN / VE ...
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