1 Grosh Germany Silver

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1 Grosh    (aboutGrosh)

German States-Saxony, Friedrich II and Sigismund (1428-1436), House of Wettin,

* R . R . S . DI . GRACIA . TVRInG . VhnG (hn ligate) Flowered cross, large W above, C | R | V across fields within inner laurel circle * GROSSVS . mARCh . mISnEnSIS Rampant lion left within laurel circle, large W in left field Plain edge 29mm x 30mm, 2.81g, Silver

Mintage: Unknown

Krug 989
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Elizabeth, 1741-1761 6 Grosh 1759. Königsberg. 2.49 gm. Bit 707 (R), Uzd 4871. Very fine

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DEUTSCHLAND Bundesrepublik Deutschland Fehlprägungen 1 Euro-Cent o. J. (2002-). Mehrfache Zweifachprägung. 2.29 g. Sehr selten. FDC.

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BULGARIA. Ivan Alexander (1331-1371). Grosh. Turnovo. Obv: IC - XC. Christ standing facing before seat, raising both hands in benediction. Rev: Ivan Alexander and Mikhail Assen standing facing, e ...
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