1 Follis / AE3 Roman Empire (27BC-395) Bronze Constantine I (272 ...

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Constantine I, AE3, 320-321, Siscia, Officina 3


Laureate head right


Legend surrounding laurel wreath terminating in large jewel enclosing VOT / . / XX

GSIS* in exergue 18mm, 3.15g
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Severus II, AD 306-307. AE Follis minted at Serdica as Caesar, AD 305-306. Laureate head right of Severus II. Reverse: Genius standing left. RIC 13a. Some silvering remaining. Extremely Fine. Th ...

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A 5-piece lot of Ancients. Consists of the following: Egypt Ptolemy III 246-221 BC AE 35, EF; Tarentum 4th cent. BC AR Diobol, Fine; Roman Republic T. Carisius 46 BC AR Denarius, Cr. 464/2, Fine ...

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Diocletian, AD 284-305. Gold Pre-reform Aureus (4.62 g) minted at Cyzicus, c. AD 290-292. Laureate, cuirassed and draped bust right of Diocletian. Reverse: Mars advancing right, holding spear an ...
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    1 Thaler Salzburg Silver Ferdinand III, ...
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Salzburg, Erzbistum Taler 1803. Probszt 2606, Davenport 43. Schöne Patina. Winz. Randfehler, fa ...
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Urcaquary 1718, Portugal/Brazil, John V. Scarce Gold 400 Reis (Quartinho) Coin. XF! Mint Date: ...
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