1 Follis / AE2 Roman Empire (27BC-395) Bronze Valentinian II (37 ...

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Valentinian II, AE2, August 25, 383-August 28, 388, Fifth Period, Cyzicus,
Officina 2

D N VALENTINI_ANVS P F AVG Pearl-diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right VIRTVS E_XERCITI Emperor standing right, globe in left hand, labarum in right, left foot on captive SMKB in exergue 22mm x 24mm, 5.13g
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LATE ROMAN AND EARLY BYZANTINE COINS, assorted issues in described 2x2 holders including, Zeno, follis AE 2 (3.81 g), attributed to Cherson mint (cf.DOW 604 ...

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Ionian Islands. Ae 2 Lepta, 1819 (Ae - 4,48g - 22mm). KM 31. Very fine.

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Haiti. Republic (1825-1849). Ae 1 Centime, 1846 An 43 (Ae - 2,47g - 22mm). KM 24. Very fine
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