1 Follis / 1 AE4 Western Roman Empire (285-476) Bronze Joannes (?-425)

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Western Roman Empire (285-476)             
Issue year(s):

Joannes (?-425)             

Johannes, AE4, 423-425, Rome


Pearl-diademed, draped, cuirassed bust right


Victory advancing left, trophy in right hand, dragging captive
with left

Cross in left field RM in exergue 11mm x 13mm, 0.75g
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Ionian Islands. Ae 2 Lepta, 1819 (Ae - 4,48g - 22mm). KM 31. Very fine.

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Severus II, AD 306-307. AE Follis minted at Serdica as Caesar, AD 305-306. Laureate head right of Severus II. Reverse: Genius standing left. RIC 13a. Some silvering remaining. Extremely Fine. Th ...

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LATE ROMAN AND EARLY BYZANTINE COINS, assorted issues in described 2x2 holders including, Zeno, follis AE 2 (3.81 g), attributed to Cherson mint (cf.DOW 604 ...
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Haus HabsburgTaler 1632, Hall. Voglhuber 183/4, Davenport 3338, Moser/Tursky 473. Fast vorzüglich
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    10 Centavo Honduras Copper/Nickel
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