1 Dupondius Gallic Empire (260-274) Bronze Postumus (260-268)

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Gallic Empire (260-274)             
Issue year(s):

Postumus (260-268)             

Celtic Imitative Issue of Postumus, AE Dupondius, 260-273 for reign of
Postumus, Gallic mint?


Radiate, draped bust right, four-spoked wheel behind

Quasi-Greek script Galley sailing left, Victory on prow, center mast, waves below 22mm x 24mm, 8.80g
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Kaiserzeit, Nero Dupondius. Kopf des Kaisers / Victoria zwischen SC. RIC 311. 13,21 g. Sehr schön

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Traianus AE Dupondius, RIC 676 Traianus (98-117 AD). AE Dupondius (27 mm, 13.78 g), Roma (Rome), 114-117. Obv. IMP CAES NER TRAIANO OPTIMO AVG GER DAC PARTHICO P M TR P COS VI P P, radiate and dr ...

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Antonia AE Dupondius, RIC I 92 Antonia (+ 37 AD). AE Dupondius (29 mm, 12.05 g), Roma (Rome), c. 42-43 AD. Obv. ANTONIA AVGVSTA, draped bust right. Rev.: TI CLAVDIVS CAESAR AVG P M TR P IMP / S - ...
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Niederlande-Holland, Provinz Dukat 1760. Friedberg 250, Delmonte 775. GOLD. Sehr schön
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CoinWorldTV 1851, France (2nd Republic). Large Silver 5 Francs Coin. aXF! Mint year: 1851 Mint ...
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