1 Dollar Australia (1939 - ) Silver Elizabeth II (1926-)

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1 Dollar    (aboutDollar)
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KM# 263.1 DOLLAR
31.6350 g., 0.9990 Silver 1.0160 oz. ASW
Ruler: Elizabeth II
Obv: Crowned head right
Rev: Kangaroo leaping right, valueabove
Edge: Reeded
Australia Australia

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BRITISH COINS, George VI (1936-1952), Crown, 1937, Halfcrowns (3), Florin, Shillings (3), Sixpence, Threepences (5), Penny and Threepence; Elizabeth II, Crowns (3), Halfcrown, Fifty-Pence and Nic ...

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BRITISH COINS, MISCELLANEOUS, Charles II, Silver Twopence, 1679; William III, contemporary forgery of a Shilling, first bust, 1696, Silver Sixpences (2), first bust, date illegible, large crowns ...

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GEORGE V - ELIZABETH II, halfpennies, 1944, 1946, 1947 (3), 1954, 1956, 1957, 1962, 1965, pennies, 1940, 1947, threepence, 1952, sixpences, 1934 (2), shilling, 1951, ...
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