1 Denarius Numidia (202BC - 46BC) Silver Juba I (85BC-46 BC)

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Numidia (202BC - 46BC)             
Issue year(s):

Juba I (85BC-46 BC)             

Juba I, AR Denarius, 60-46 BC, North Africa-Numidia

Diademed, draped bust of King Juba right, with pointed beard and hair in formal curls, scepter at shoulder

Neo-Punic legend on either side (Yubai hammamleket)

Octastyle temple

17mm x 18mm, 3.30g

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ROMAN COINS ROMAN REPUBLIC Lots Roman Republic. A. Terentius Varro? Denarius. Q. Minucius M.f. Ter. Denarius. Very fine.(2)

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Celtic, Eastern Europe. Eravisci. Silver Denarius (3.38 g), after 79 BC. Diademed head of Venus right; copying a Roman Republican denarius of C. Naevius Balbus (Crawford 382/1). Reverse : Grypho ...

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HUNGARY, Franz Joseph (1846-1916), silver denarius as a modern commemorative issue to celebrate the millenium in 1896 immitating an issue c.1000, Kremnitz Mint, obv. + ...
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