1 Antoninianus Roman Empire (27BC-395) Bronze Gallienus (218-268)

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Gallienus, Antoninianus, 262-263, Sole Reign, Rome (RIC) Rome


Radiate, draped, cuirassed bust left, baldric strap over right shoulder and
across back, shield forward in left hand engraved with horse and rider
running left, spear in right hand pointing forward

FORTVNA REDVX Fortuna standing facing, head left, rudder in right hand, cornucopiae in left V in right field 19mm x 20mm, 3.08g
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A 5-piece lot of Ancients. Consists of the following: Egypt Ptolemy III 246-221 BC AE 35, EF; Tarentum 4th cent. BC AR Diobol, Fine; Roman Republic T. Carisius 46 BC AR Denarius, Cr. 464/2, Fine ...

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THESSALY, Thessalian League, Provincial Imperial Coinage, Marcus Aurelius, (161 - 180 A.D.), AE 24, dupondius or diassarion and assarion, (10.84 and 6.77 grams), obv. Marcus ...

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DIOCLETIAN - MAXENTIUS, (A.D. 284-312), includes the following; Diocletian, AE follis, Alexandria mint, rev. Genius standing left, (S.3533); another antoninianus, rev. Diocletian & Maximianus, (S ...
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    1 Peso Uruguay Silver
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URUGUAY 1893 1 Peso Silver Crown VF
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Sachsen-Meiningen, Georg II. 5 Mark 1902 D. Jaeger 153a. Etwas fleckige Patina. Vorzüglich
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