1/2 Real Spanish Mexico / Kingdom of New Spain (1519 - 1821) Silver

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1/2 Real
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Mint Year: 1735
Mint Mark: Mexico (Mo)
Denomination: ½ Real "Pillar type"
References: 1736-MoM, KM-65.
Diameter: 16mm
Material: Silver
Weight: 1.48gm

Obverse: Shield of Arms of Castile and León, flanked by rosettes.
Legend: * PHILIP . V . D . G . H ISPAN . ET IND . REX
Translation: "Philip V by the Grace of God, King of the Spains and the Indies"

Reverse: Two orbs with a crown above (representing the Old and the World). The orbs are over the Straits of Gibraltar, flanked by two crowned pillars, representing the Pillars of Hercules, with PLUS VLTRA ("Further Beyond") on banners wrapped around the columns, date below.
Latin Legend: VTRA QUE VNUM / * Mo * 1735* Mo *
Translation: "On both sides – Unity"

Philip V was the second son of Louis, le Grand Dauphin and Maria Anna of Bavaria, known as Dauphine Victoire. He was a younger brother of Louis, duc de Bourgogne and an uncle of Louis XV of France.

His paternal grandparents were Louis XIV of France and Maria Theresa of Spain. His maternal grandparents were Ferdinand Maria, Elector of Bavaria and Adelaide Henriette of Savoy, the daughter of Victor Amadeus I, Duke of Savoy.

Philip helped his Bourbon relatives to make territorial gains in the War of the Polish Succession and the War of the Austrian Succession by reconquering Naples and Sicily from Austria and Oran from the Ottomans. Finally, at the end of his reign Spanish forces also successfully defended their American territories from a large British invasion during the War of Jenkins' Ear.

During his reign, Spain began to recover from the stagnation it had suffered during the twilight of the Spanish Habsburg dynasty. Ferdinand VI of Spain, his son by his first queen Maria Luisa of Savoy, succeeded him.

Philip was afflicted by fits of manic depression and increasingly fell victim to a deep melancholia. His second wife, Elizabeth Farnese, completely dominated her passive husband. She bore him further sons, including another successor, Charles III of Spain. He was later helped with his affliction by the castrato singer Carlo Broschi, famously known as Farinelli, who, for twenty years, sang the same four arias each night to the king before he went to sleep.

Philip died on 9 July 1746 and was buried in his favorite Royal Palace of La Granja de San Ildefonso.

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CoinWorldTV 1735, Mexico, Philip V. Tiny Pillar Silver ½ Real Coin. F+ Mint Year: 1735 Mint Mark: Mexico (Mo) Condition: Corroded & cleaned F+ Denomination: ½ Real "Pillar type" References: 1736-MoM, KM-65. Diameter: 16mm Material: Silver Weight: 1.48 ...

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SPAIN, Charles III, half escudo, 1788 Seville (KM 425.2), 1788M Madrid (KM.425.1); Ferdinand VII half escudo, 1817 GJ Madrid (KM.492); Isabella, twenty reales, 1861 (KM.610); ...

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Info: http://www.ebay.com/itm/151134380695 Oct 07, 2013
1885, Mexico (2nd Republic). Silver 8 Reales (Cap Dollar) Coin. Culiacan mint!

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Info: http://www.ebay.com/itm/151134331776 Oct 07, 2013
1741, Mexico, Philip V. Colonial Silver 8 Reales Coin. Spanish Pillar Dollar!
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