1/2 Dirham Abbasid Caliphate (750-1258) Silver

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1/2 Dirham
Abbasid Caliphate (750-1258)             
Issue year(s):
786 - 788

Mint Date: 786-788 AD
Denomination: AR ½ Dirham
Reference: PYE 135, Album 64. R!
Ruler: Jarir (Abbasid Governor in Tabaristan)
Diameter: 24mm
Material: Silver
Weight: 1.9gm

Obverse: Crowned sassanian bust-type right. All within inner cirlce. Four stars within crescents.
Comment: Governor’s name in 3rd quadrant of obverse margin!

Reverse: Fire altar flanked by attendants. All within double-border. Four stars within crescents, split by triple pellets around.

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1/2 Dirham,Abbasid Caliphate,Silver,786 - 788,

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Abbasid Governors in Tabaristan, Jarir (786-788 AD) Silver ½ Dirham Coin. R!
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