10 Yuan China Silver

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10 Yuan    (about Yuan)
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Posted by: gcoins 2010-08-24
Китай 10 юаней (2008 г.) Серебро XXIX Летние Олимпийские игры 2008 года в Пекине. 1 унция, диаметр 40 мм. Цветная эмаль.

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CHINA. Sichuan Piaoding. Provincial Certified Ingots. 4 Tael Merchant Ingot, ND.149.69 gms. BMC-Class XL Group F. "Yi Tai Yuan" ((Salt merchant) Yi Tai Yuan).

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CHINA, Southern Sung Dynasty, Ning Zong, with title 'Qing Yuan tong bao' (issued 1195-1224), round iron ten cash, issued 1195-1200, obverse, 'Qing Yuan tung bao' ...

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CHINA, The Ten Kingdoms, Kingdom of Chu, large round cash with square hole, (A.D. 907-951), "Qian Yuan zhong bao" (Qian Yuan heavy currency), four characters ...
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