10 Ducat Principality of Transylvania (1571-1711) Gold

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10 Ducat    (aboutDucat)
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KM# 462 10 DUCAT
35.1000 g., 0.9860 Gold 1.1126 oz. AGW Obv. Legend:MICHA: APAFI-D. G: PR  TR

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Posted by: spider  2014-06-05
KM# 462 10 DUCAT35.1000 g., 0.9860 Gold 1.1126 oz. AGW Obv. Legend:*MICHA: APAFI-D. G: PR  TR* TRANSYLVANIA Principality 1675

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ROMANIA-TRANSYLVANIA, Michael Apafi (1661-1690), silver twelve groschen or zwolfer, 1673, obv. around MI.APAF-.D.G. PT.-* , bust to right with armour, wearing fur hat and sceptre ...

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HUNGARY, Ludwig I (1342-1383), gold gulden or ducat, obv. Florentine lily, around +LODOV ICI REX, rev. St. John, standing facing, around S IOHA NNES B, ...

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HUNGARY, Sigismund (1387-1437), gulden or ducat, obv. quartered arms in shield, around SIGISMVNDI D G R VNGARIE, rev. St Ladislas standing facing, around S LADISL ...
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