How to bind coin instances

It often happens that the same coin is uploaded multiple times (by different users), as shown in the figure below. For convenience, we group such coins.  Every uploaded coin can be binded to a group with such coins (or new group can be created if no such group for the coin). Such group of coins we call "Coins definition". How to bind / group coins, see below.

New (not binded) coin instances are displayed in 'Coins Catalog -> Shared not-grouped coins' dataset (

Each coin instance should be binded to the appropriated coin definition using coin identification form:

We can see that it's Ceylon's Half Cent. This data can be used to find the coin definition for the coin instance: 

After binding complete coin instance is displayed with the coin definition:

If there is no coin definition exist for the coin instance (photo is the first) it's possible to create new coin definition by clicking on "Offer it as coin definition" and completing a form about the photo: