2 Escudo Habsburg Spain (1506 - 1700) Gold Philipp III. von Spani ...

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Philipp III. von Spanien (1578-1621)                   
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CoinWorldTV 1621, Spain, Philip III. Certified 2 Escudos Gold Cob Coin. NGC AU- Damaged! Mint place: Seville Mint Period: 1598-1612 Denomination: 2 Escudo Reference: Friedberg 189, KM-48.3. Ruler: Philip III (Felipe III) of Spain. Condition: Certified and graded by NGC as AU (Detai ...

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SPANIEN Königreich Felipe III. 1598-1621. 2 Escudos o. J., Sevilla. 6.70 g. C.T. 22-24. Fr. 189. Schön-sehr schön.

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Spain, Philip III, cob 2 escudos, Seville, 16??, mintmaster's initial V (1611-15), wt. 6.76gms. (KM.48.3; Fr.189), weak in places but full cross visible, good fine

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1601,SPAIN. 2 Escudos, ND (ca. 1601-13)-SB. Seville Mint. Philip III (1598-1621).Fr-189; KM-20; Cal-type-19; Cayon-4986 (for type). Several small nicks and marks.

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Spain. Cob 2 Escudos, 1611 (Seville). Fr-189; KM-20. Philip III, 1598-1621. Arms. Reverse: Cross. ANACS graded EF-45. Estimated Value $1,100 - 1,200. Categories: World Gold Coins

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Spain. Cob 2 Escudos, ND (Seville). Fr-189. Philip III, 1598-1621. Crowned arms. Reverse: Cross. NGC graded AU-53. Estimated Value $900 - 1,000. Categories: World Gold Coins
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