Valore nominale: 200 Peso
Metallo: Oro
Stato: Colombia (1886 - )
Anno(i) di emissione:1968
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Sold for: $200.0
Info: Estimate $240 S ...

MEXICO, Emperor Maximillian silver fifty centavos and peso, 1866 Mo (KM.387, 388.1). Nearly extremely fine; very fine. (2)

Sold for: $220.0
Info: Estimate $120 S ...

PHILIPPINES, Culion Island, Culion Leper Colony, leprosarium coinage, half centavo, 1913; twenty centavos, 1920, 1922PM; peso, 1913, 1922PM, 1925 (KM.1,12,13,14,17,18). Stored in individual clear ...

Sold for: $182.0
Info: ...

1966,PHILIPPINES. Pattern Peso & 10 Centavos Struck in Copper, 1966 & 1967. NGC PROOF-65 RB.Ferdinand & Imelda Marcos and Sampung. Two(2) Pieces in lot. Both graded by NGC. The Pes ...
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